Firm Pledges to Improve Health Status through Online Services

Dr. Ify Maduka-Nwakwesi

Ugo Aliogo

The ManagingDirector, of Healthy Living Services (HLS), Dr. Ify Maduka-Nwakwesi, has called on Nigerians and foreigners to improve their health status through accessing the firm’s unique online community health online services and products.

The healthy living community online services, she pledged will enable individuals and corporate organizations achieve optimum health protocol.

In a statement made available to Health Journalists, in Lagos, Maduka-Nwakwesi, said the firm is primed to teach stress management, mental and emotional management, power-breathing, positive affirmations and progressive muscular relaxation.

According to her, the company’s integrative health care doctors will review and recommend the best health enhancement protocol to help its patients achieve optimum health, adding that in certain cases blood work analysis and the functional health report may be recommended.

She said: “This is to enable us take the guess work out of your health protocol. We will evaluate your blood work and identify dysfunctions and nutritional deficiencies and recommend diet modifications, life style changes and 100% natural research-backed organic nutritional supplements that can reverse the dysfunctions and prevent them from progressing to disease states.

“In cases where the individual is not able to afford the test we will based on the persons history recommend affordable nutritional products she or he can take to facilitate recovery .

“If there is already an existing disease we will support your physician efforts with nutritional support and other health enhancement protocols. Your physician must give his or her consent for our intervention.”

She said joining the community health group will allow individuals, clients and patients take advantage of the monthly health seminars at a discount, stressing: “It will give you access to alkaline hydrogen – infused anti-oxidant rich, micro-clustered water.

Other benefits to be derived according to her, include: Reduced morbidity and mortality rates, improved energy, creativity and productivity, reduce absenteeism from work place, improved relationships, improve sense of well-being, better stress control, better mental and emotional management.

The firm can reached on:- 08033688808,08180390208/ :@healthylivingservices.