AFAR Holds First Induction, Charges Members on Ethics

The Association of Forensic Accounting Researchers, AFAR, has inducted 160 members at its first  training and induction ceremony. 

The induction took place at Airport Hotels in Lagos with  150 fellows, 10 associate members and six patrons inducted. 

Speaking at the occasion, President of the Association, Dr. Godwin Oyedokun reiterated the objective  of the association was to prevent, detect and deter fraudulent practices across all sectors as well as  promote education and certifications in various areas of forensics research and practices.

He noted that scientific research was paramount in preventing, detecting and detering all forms of fradulent vices that had eaten deep into the Nigerian system while the association exist to support organisations and government efforts in sanitising the system through research.

He said, “ Before now, forensic investigation used to be an unknown discipline, which is why government engaged the service of foreign experts to address issues. AFAR is the first and  world’s largest platform for forensic accounting researchers with members spread across the country. “The association boasts versed and competent professionals who are equipped with up-to-date knowledge on the practice.  With  AFAR’s presence in Nigeria,we see no reason why government and even businesses would seek foreign service anymore in this regard.”

In his address, Chairman of Afar Governing Council,Prof. Muhammad Akaro Mainoma charged members on ethical practice while  discharging duties.

Mainoma emphasised that both research and ethics work hand in hand .He identified the connection between them as honesty of purpose, accountability of process and procedure, understanding of the philosophy of undertaking, wisdom to pursue only what is right, and the authority to make a difference.

Speaking further, he said, “Generally, it is said that without research there cannot be development. It is research that breaks new ground where individuals and community comes to terms with new reality, it is with research that problems are identified and solution found. Indeed, it is research that makes us know that ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’

“Apart from the fact that there is growing concern on the level of fraud cases, scholars also see the need to support the courts to get conviction on matters of fraud. You could ascertain that fraud has actually taken 

place but you may not have evidence to convict anybody. 

This reality has necessitated the development of body of knowledge that can establish basis for conviction”.

In his address, a Professor of Accounting and Finance, Prof. Suleiman Aruwa, pointed out that Nigeria needs to do more in the area of research as some of the techniques and method employed in fighting fraud and corruption were no longer relevant with today’s realities, hence the inefficiency of outcomes.

The high point of the event was the unveiling of AFAR’s inaugural print journal, presentation of meritorious award to deserving Nigerians and launched a   book on Forensic Accounting Research Development.

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