PDP: Atiku has Capacity to Fix Nigeria’s Economy


By Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that its presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has the capacity to fix Nigeria’s economy and rescue it from the brink of recession.

One of the spokespersons in Atiku’s presidential campaign, Mr. Buba Galadima, stated this Friday in Abuja at the unveiling of a new book titled, ‘ATIKUNOMICS: The Economic Pillar for a New Nigeria’, written by a journalist, Mr. Victor Emeruwa.

He described the book as a window into the thinking of how Atiku would achieve the economic reformation especially economic restructuring, adding that the book would give Nigerians an insight into Atiku’s economical thinking and how he would pull Nigeria out of the woods it is now, create jobs and create opportunities for the people.”

Galadima noted: “There was a time when robbers used to steal cars, then we brought technology and we were able to track the movement of the cars, you will agree with me that, that method of robbery has greatly reduced because of the deployment of technology.

“This is the same way Atiku is going to use knowledge and technology to take Nigeria out of recession because the people there today have no idea about how to run a modern economy and they did not find it expedient to appoint any known economic adviser.”

Galadima pointed out that the Muhammadu Buhari administration’s lack of economic focus caused the recession that Nigeria is yet to come out from.

According to him, “I do not accept the defence of this administration that why we found ourselves in the recession because somebody else mismanaged the economy.

“The truth is that by his body language and pronouncements, Buhari scared foreign investor who began to withdraw their money from the stock market. They were so much in a hurry to leave that they were ready to buy the dollar at any price. That is what caused the recession. And because of that, insecurity has spread to many other parts of Nigeria. Zamfara all the way to Kogi where people cannot sleep with their two eyes closed.”

Also, the author, Emeruwa, said the motivation for writing the book is to show Nigerians how the economy was restructured during the regional governments and how Nigeria could return to the glory days through a genuine economic restructuring.

He said the present government’s economic policy has failed the country, adding that there has never been anytime in the history of the country when Nigeria’s economy is not among the top three in Africa.