February 16 Election: Atiku is Godsent


Odilim Enwegbara

Sometimes I don’t even understand why I fight evil. Most often I have difficulty understanding the power behind my doing some of the things I do particularly when it comes to my fighting evil.

One thing I know is that there is something in me that is far bigger than myself and that is very difficult for me to control. And once it takes off, I only find myself as a mere passenger. Because it is fully in charge, it drives me without my entertaining any form of fear. And above all, it does so with such immense energy.

But because the power is so overwhelming, I only find myself like a child innocently always enjoying a beautiful free ride.

It all started after a meeting I had in February 2016 with Mallam Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to Buhari. To my greatest shock, I was made to understand by Kyari that he the de facto president. But what struck me most was making me understand that the government was actually operating without an economic blueprint.

I was alarmed that Nigeria’s 200 million people are being driven by a driver without a driver’s licence. I knew then that I had to alert Nigerians about my shocking discovery. But I needed some months to think through it and what I think would be the way out.

I started looking for how to contact Atiku, knowing fully well that the PDP crisis was partly due to lack of a serious potential presidential material, a potential challenger to Buhari’s 2019 candidacy.

I starting having meetings with Paul Ibe, Atiku media adviser. But it required a number of meetings before Paul could even understand why I was seeking that Atiku should leave APC for PDP. But it wasn’t until mid 2017 that Paul and I agreed especially because Paul was already getting the signs from his boss.

So, rather than my happiest day of Atiku’s presidential bid going to be Feb 17 when Atiku will eventually be declared the winner of the presidential election and president-elect, they were the day Atiku announced that he was leaving APC for PDP and the day announced his readiness to contest the 2019 presidential election under PDP.
Why am I telling this long story here?

I am telling the long story to make my friends understand that my support for Atiku is a big asignment beyond my control, the same way my support for Obama who never even knew me was without any form of personal expectations. My support for Atiku even though has cost me a lot, it too will never be for any form of personal gains.

All I know is that Atiku will be an excellent president, the best president we Nigerians will never have especially since the history of Nigeria as an independent nation.

A goodhearted president, Atiku will work tirelessly for his country’s economic prosperity. Being such a successful person from a very humble beginning and having to fight all these years to get to this level, Atiku will fight to bring hope to the hopeless people of Nigeria. We will all be a witness to how he will dismantle the status quo that has kept our country backwards and at best stagnant.

My happiness will be to live to see millions of forgotten Nigerians not just being remembered but, in fact, being mainstreamed into the country’s economic prosperity. I will be so happy because I too made my little contributions to making this happen.

Above all, having been able to overcome the potential threats to our country’s fragile unity, an disintegration that would have become inevitable if we could have allowed our dear country to remain in Buhari’s hands beyond May 2019.

Mine is going to be lifelong joy because I will proudly tell my friends around the world that Nigeria has finally stood up.