Wakiki Launches African/Afro Caribbean Food Delivery Service in UK


Food lovers and travellers to the United Kingdom from Nigeria will be happy to know about Wakiki.co.uk. Wakiki has launched a food delivery service in the UK, supplying African and Afro Caribbean food to Jollof Rice and Jerk Chicken lovers travelling or living in the London area in the UK.

Working with various independent chefs, caterers and kitchens specializing in foods from Jollof rice, to moin moin and traditional local soups and the Caribbean oxtail curries, ordering food while on holiday to the Uk is now as simple as clicking a button through their website on www.wakiki.co.uk.

The kitchens who supply food use fresh on the day produce which ensures customers always enjoy the home cooked taste from chef’s, who were all hand selected by the owners.

One of the best features on the Wakiki service is the ability to order from up to three different caterers depending on their areas of expertise and getting the food delivered through the Wakiki service in their expertly engineered food boxes which keeps food warm and is reusable.

Founded three years ago by two brothers Fuad and Timi Animashaun in the UK, they found a unique window to bring African and Afro Carribean kitchens to Nigerians in and out of the UK at different times for visiting, schooling, a long vacation or hosting a party, customers can order food in advance from Lagos and have their food delivered on arrival to the UK, or if you are hosting a party. Similarly, it is also useful for Nigerians and other Africans living in the UK to augment and support busy weekly schedules.

The owners, Fuad and Timi, said their love for inclusion of African and the Caribbean food flavours into the  urban food delivery culture was a driving force to birthing Wakiki which is fast becoming a household feature in most Nigerian homes largely because of the convenience and ease of ordering through their website but also because of the quality assured and guaranteed service delivery both in taste from the kitchens signed up and registered on their platform to the speed of the service itself.

To get Wakikied this Easter or while traveling to the London area in the Uk log in to www.wakiki.co.uk and get your food delivered upon arrival in three simple steps.