Alumni of Auchi Polytechnic Calls for Unity

Alumni of Auchi Polytechnic, Lagos Chapter

The Auchi Polytechnic Alumni Association Lagos Chapter has called on all its members residing in Lagos to align with the association’s effort in networking and upgrading themselves, as well as the institution.

They made this clarion call at their first meeting of the year in January at Hocal Suite Nigeria Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Yaba Lagos.

The President of the Lagos Chapter, Mr. Eboigbe Olaye, said the alumni needed to unite.
“We want other alumni of the poly to be a part of this union. We want to strengthen the already established relationship and create even more.

“Part of the association’s penchant is to ensure they propagate the aim and objective of the institution, which is to produce good products that will continue with the legacy of the school.

“To assist the institution in upgrading and meeting their needs, fighting for them both nationally and international. To socialise among graduates so we can help and link ourselves.”

The president, however, mentioned that the Lagos Chapter in collaboration with the national body has developed a workshop for engineering activities, library and mass communications, adding that they also renovated the school old buildings.

For this year, Olaye said they are building a block of classrooms in the institution for the benefit of the students given that the institution is currently being upgraded into a university, which is to be named City University.

According to him, the alumni is working. “The national president of the association has been to the senate to address the National Assembly on the new name, City University. It has been approved, we are just waiting for the assent of the president”.