Subomi Balogun: At 85, I Haven’t Retired

Otunba Subomi Balogun

Olaseni Durojaiye

Founder of FCMB Group, Otunba Subomi Balogun has disclosed that he has not retired at the age of 85, though he no longer reports to his office every day.

Balogun, an accomplished banker and philanthropist, has also acknowledged that he is an embodiment of God’s infinite grace, citing diverse record of achievements he claims God has generously granted since March 4, 1934 he was born.

He gave account of God’s blessings in his life at an annual prayer meeting the Otunba Subomi Balogun Foundation (OSBF) in Ijebu Ode recently to mark the New Year.

Speaking with journalists after the prayer meeting, Balogun said he had not retired, testifying that through the grace of God, he still had his faculties around him.

According to him, at 85, not many people will sit down and think through. Not many people can walk around at 85 without walking stick. At 85, I am agile. Except for the constraint of God, I am have not retired. It is true I do not go to the office again.

However, Balogun said, “Whenever I have the opportunity, I just pop in to see what is happening. It is the grace of God. The only thing I am looking for is the grace of God. It is not being metaphoric about it.

“There are certain things I do that many cannot do. Till date, I am still able to memorise prayers. Till date, I still remember things that happen to me 70 years ago in details. I think I am a child of God that has been giving the fullness of His grace.

“I live a life of much younger generation than myself. I still write long articles. I still prepare speeches. I have that rare gift. I do not have jot before I talk. I am inspired. I am not missing anything. But I am conscious of the fact that I am no longer the young man I used to. I have my limitation at 85.

“Most times in the weekdays, I wear my suits. I still remember that I was a bank official. I still remember that I started my career as a lawyer. I still remember that I was a secondary teacher to most of the distinguished Ijebu indigenes you see. I am still wondering, if not for the grace of God, how can I be strong at 85.

“I ascribe everything to the grace of God. At 85, I do not miss anything. I believe that before God, I am a fallen mortal. I just happened to be one of the children of God that has been endowed with His grace. Much of what I am doing is not I. It is God. If you look round Ijebu Ode, my age mates that are still alive few.”

“Once I have God, I do not worry about anything. A friend told sometimes ago that before I speak three words, I would mention God. It is because I appreciate awesomeness of God. Everything that happened to me was ordered by God.

“I am convinced that my God loves me. Whatever success, opulence you see about me, it is through the love of God. In essence, I have put all my cares, desires and aspiration in the hands of God. I always accept His guidance and direction for my life. The first thing is that you must aspire that God loves you. Once God loves you, every other thing is place,” Balogun explained.

He said he believed God “has a way of answering prayers. It is not that we, mortals, perceive it. In Nigeria, we are praying people. I am convinced that the good Lord hears our prayers and accepts all we ask for. It is not just something He will show His hands. The grace of God is always there for us. We need to be gifted for us to appreciate the awesomeness of God.”