Darlington: 2018 , My Most Outstanding Year


By Olaoluwakitan Babatunde

In the words of American poet and playwright, Robert Frost: “The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count his blessings and not his cash. Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.”

For the Principal Partner, JD Capital, Mr. John Darlington, 2018 provided him and his family a very unique opportunity to review their story and the wonderful benevolence of Almighty God rather than gloss over their unfinished business.

In 2018, Mr. Darlington had another deep reflection on the vicissitudes of human existence and reminisced over his life journey, 45 years after the death of his father.

According to him, “I have every reason to thank and praise Almighty God. The fact that I wake up everyday and I’m in good health; take care of my household and business, I’m grateful to God.

“More deeply, it’s 45 years ago that I lost my father, Pa Joseph Ahimireotah Darlington. 45 years ago, life was bleak and so uncertain. But to God be the glory, all the six children left behind by my father are doing substantially well today.”

He painted the picture of his father’s personality and paid him glowing tributes.

“My memory about my father is still very clear and sharp. My father was a disciplinarian. He was a man of clarity a man who loved his family and kids – an amazing man and a classical example of what fatherhood should represent.

“When we were growing up, my father had two cars but we used to walk to school everyday . One day, my father’s driver, Lawrence asked my father the reason for not allowing him to drop the children with the car. The answer my father gave that day was both interesting and nostalgic. He said ‘if I die where will they get car to go to school?’ With this and many other reasons, I could boastfully say I had the best father in the world.”

Reflecting further on the Year 2018, Mr. Darlington said: “In 2018 alone, my two sons graduated with flying colours in the United Kingdom. I have every cause to celebrate them because their characters and personalities are reflecting well. The combination of these breakthroughs gives us joy and adds beauties to our existence. And in return, I have decided to build a new St. Augustine Catholic Church in Okhuesan community, Edo State.”

In his determination to accomplish the project, Mr. Darlington swung into action late 2018 to lay the foundation for the building of the new church.

Speaking at the Mass Service towards the foundation laying ceremony, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Uromi, Revd Father Francis Omolumen , said the new church would be a springboard towards many good things in Okhuesan community.

“You have come to remove the fears. You have come to remove the past and this project signals the beginning of a new dawn in our community, most especially in Okhuesan-Ubiaja area of Edo State,” Omolumen said.

Mr. Darlington, who took out time to address his people in Esan language, tasked them to join hands with him in order to achieve the project as soon as possible.

“Collectively, we must join our hands together to build this befitting house for God. Interestingly, I am of the opinion that a project becomes lighter when you join hands together to accomplish rather than leaving the project in the hand of one person,” he said.

Speaking with THISDAY shortly after the ceremony, Mr. Darlington explained that the project was very dear to his heart.

“This project is very important to me. For me, it is about answering the call of my Creator; fulfilling an inspiration ; and showing gratitude unto God for all He has done for me.

“The project is also very significant to me because the Catholic Church in Okhuesan is my ancestral church parish, where my father came from. In early 2018, I went to the church and what I met was an old mud house. And I had a voice that said to me ‘you have to build a church for God.’”

Asked about the time frame for the completion of the project, Mr. Darlington said: “If I have all the anticipated cash flow, I shall complete the project in six months. I have the belief that the will of God shall always prevail. My target is to finish the project as soon as possible with the support of my friends to the glory of God and service to humanity.”