Catholic Men Holds Family Conference to Tackle Divorce

A cross section of Catholic men during the event

A cross section of Catholic men during the event

Worried about the increased rate of divorce among couples in Nigeria, the Catholic Men Deanery Lekki has taken a bold step to tackling the menace with the birth of its annual family conference.

The annual family conference 2018, which thrived on the theme, ‘Stand for the Family and its Values’, was aimed at nurturing growth and protection, while reminding couples and their children of family values.

Topics facilitated to drive home this aims were: ‘Social media and its effects on family values’, ‘living and sustaining family values – experiences from World Family Congress Ireland 2018’, ‘The family: building an enduring relationship to business/ work environment/ need for married couples’ retreat’.

Others include: ‘Sex as communication tool in marriage’, ‘marriage roundtable’, ‘entrepreneurship and career development for young adults’, ‘grand finale of the Deanery Choir Competition’ and ‘fireworks display’.

The coordinator, Mr. Kingsley Ekwem, decried the lifestyle of most parents in nurturing their children. “We have challenges with the upbringing of children with absence of values.”

He described the rate of divorce as high; consequently, the event was focused on current issues concerning how society directly affects the family.

Other activities that spiced up the programme included: session for kids aged 12 and below while teenagers, young adults and the married adults had their appropriate messages.

“It is very important we carry the children along. They are part of the home. If the home is healthy, the children will be the first to benefit from it and same happens when the union is broken”, he added.

Ekwem noted that to facilitate its impact, the event would host a N150 million naira Project Endowment Fund.

“This is not fundraising but we are funding the projects. The fund is intended for intervention among the less privileged and micro entrepreneurial business support for the indigents even the youths,” he added.

A member of the planning committee, Mr. Nnamdi Onyeka, noted that as Catholic men, they are known for portraying family.

He said: “We represent family. So, if the family is not together, the economy cannot work and the country will not move.”

Emphasising the need to urgently address the rate of broken homes, Onyeka said the conference became handy because, “we want to rekindle the first love couples once had, whilst returning acceptable values into homes”.

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