Itel, Google Delight Customers with Annual Carnival


Ugo Aliogo

Itel Mobile has partnered Google to host the Ikeja community and its shopper to a day of fun and throwback thrills in the 2018 edition of the annual computer village carnival.

The event provided an opportunity for Itel to give out massive discounts on all Itel smartphones, fantastic freebies, mega raffle draw and there was also live performance from Nigeria’s legendary musician, Danfo driver.

Speaking at the event, Itel Marketing Communications Manager, Oke Umurhohwo, noted that the carnival provided an opportunity to tell the Itel story, adding that they are not concerned about sales, but also they are extending love as they do business.

“For us, at Itel, it is not about sales at this point; rather it is about extending love as we come to do our businesses. We are here basically to engage with the community and have fun. We have packages such as buy one Itel phone and get a free Itel phone. We also have another promo of buy one Itel phone and you stand a chance of winning home appliances,” he said.

He also noted that 2018 was a tough year for them, but expressed confidence that with their business strategy, they were able to navigate the difficult waters, “so far it has been quite good. In this year, we gained more market share, both in the future and android phones.”

Umurhohwo further explained that in the future phone, they are number two in Nigeria with 13 percent market share and in the android phone; they are among the top five brands and yearly they have grown compared with other years.
The Itel Marketing Manager remarked that in 2019 they are hoping to build on what they have done in 2018.
He added that attaining number two positions in the future phone market, means a lot to them, stating that they have started off as a future brand and they cannot neglect where they started from.

According to Umurhohwo, “Attaining number two positions in the future phone market, means a lot to us, we started off as a future brand and we cannot neglect where we started from. Towards the northern part of the country, we still have more of our market there. The people in the north wants use our future phones because it is affordable, it also provides wireless radio and torchlight for them. We have android phones, but we will not neglect where we are coming from. We have better future phone design. In order to take a leadership position in 2019, we have identified some things that didn’t work out well this year and we want to overcome some of these challenges. There are also things that didn’t work out for us in this year. Our desire is to make sure we expand and fully penetrate the market in 2019.”