Royal Father Urges Ezekwesili to Rescue Nigeria


Udora Orizu

The Paramount Ruler of Karu, His Royal Highness, Emmanuel Kyauta Yepwi Monday said Nigeria at the moment needed Dr. Oby Ezekwesili to rescue her from many problems.

The Presidential Candidate of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr Oby Ezekwesili who flagged off her campaign at Karu, Abuja paid a courtesy visit to the natural ruler, who said it was time for the country to be governed by a woman, adding that since women were good managers, they could have practicable solutions to the many problems confronting it at the moment.

The Royal Father noted that the former Minister of Education was on a rescue mission, insisting that the country was in dire need of her services.

According to Chief Yepwi, “I used to watch you when you were active in service and I admired the way you used to do things. Women are leaders right from homes, right from their houses, no man does anything without a woman. Every successful man, has a woman by his side. If Nigeria wants to be successful, I think a woman should also be considered.”

“I wouldn’t say that it’s by accident to have selected Karu as the place to flag off your campaign. I want you to know that the real meaning of Karu is increase. No one comes to Karu and does not increase and having come to Karu, just wait and see what God will do for you.”

Continuing, he said, “It gladdens my heart too that you have chosen to flag off your campaign in a satellite town instead of in the heart of Abuja. It is the first of its kind, no one has done that before. That has shown us that you are really a mother. I want to tell you that you should continue your good work and God who is seeing you knows how He will reward you. In fact, it is my opinion that we should allow a woman to rule the country once and let’s see how she would govern us. So, coming to save Nigeria now is at the right time. Nigeria needs someone like you now.”

Chief Yepwi stated that Nigeria needs discipline and he believes in Ezekwesili’s wealth of experience.

“You have been in the affairs of the country, you know our problems and you know how to solve them. You will know how to tackle the issues of your subordinates because mostly, it is the subordinates that are the problems and not the ones on the helm of affairs. Of course, they must always shift the blame to the leaders when there is failure.”

“I know you when you were in the ministry, how you treated the people that worked under you with iron hand and I know that Nigeria needs discipline, there is indiscipline in Nigeria now. We believe that when you come as a mother, you will bring discipline.”

“ I wish you good luck, I wish you God’s guidance, whatever you are doing, you should put God first. I wish to see you again as a president. Myself and the good people of Karu Chiefdom believe that by the time you become president, you would come here just as you have come here today.”

While receiving blessings from the traditional ruler, Ezekwesili explained that she chose to flag off her campaign in the satellite town to directly meet the people, sit down with them and hear their problems so that when she takes over the mantle of leadership, she would know how to tackle them.

She said, “We are not running to become President, we are running in order to rescue our county from the past and the present administrations. Unlike the normal campaigns that other political parties do, we are carrying on a campaign where people are actually going to be sitting with us and we will first hear from them the kind of government that they will want to see, the kind of government that would solve their problems before we then show them what we have in solving their problems.”

“And before this starts, it is my honour to come here with the leadership of my party and the members of my campaign team and to say to you that we will be looking up to you to give us your blessings for the journey ahead. We want to see a different country, we want to set a new direction for our country. Nigeria has no business being a country that fails in every aspect of life. Our citizens deserve the best.”

“Karu is one of the sub- urban areas of the Federal Capital Territory that can tell the story of poverty. The major emphasis of our campaign is that we want to lift over 80 million Nigerians out of poverty and if you want to do something like that, you should come direct to the people that know what the issues are and that is why we are here,” she added