Edo Civil Service Recruitment: Over 500 new employees assume work at MDAs


…hail merit-based recruitment process

Not less than 500 graduates employed into the Edo State Civil Service by the Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration have assumed work at different Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in the state, with most of them commending the merit-based recruitment process.

The state civil service commission concluded the recruitment of the over 400 civil servants at the end of last year before Governor Godwin Obaseki later approved the employment of all physically challenged persons who applied for the recruitment, thereby increasing the tally of those employed by the state government.

The newly employed workers underwent orientation in early December, and a good number of them assumed work at various MDAs in the new year. They described the recruitment process as transparent, fair and a rare opportunity to contribute to the development of the state.

Mr. Anderson Osarodion, an Agricultural Research Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said “I am happy to be part of the civil service. I can tell you that the entire process was free and transparent and a good number of those that got in this time around were employed on merit.”

He commended the governor for allowing a level playing field for all applicants, noting, “Unlike other recruitment processes I have participated in before this, nobody asked me to either pay a dime or look for someone at the top to recommend me for the job. This for me is a plus and I am ready to support the state government to provide diligent service to taxpayers.”

James Asenoguan, a statistician, said the employment came to him as a big surprise because he was not expecting to get shortlisted in the first instance, knowing how recruitment in the civil service worked before now.

“This opportunity has changed things for me for good. I can now contribute to the wellbeing of my family. I have just assumed work at my duty post and learning the ropes,” he said.

On the process of selection, Asenoguan said, “Some of my friends who didn’t apply because they were skeptical about the process, were surprised that I was among the shortlisted candidates. I thank the state governor for giving me this opportunity to be part of the state workforce.”

Another employee, who would not want her name mentioned, said she does not have anybody in government and was not sure she would be employed, as “employment used to be based on ‘connection’.

“I only applied for the sake of it. I do not know any big politician and just prayed for God to intervene. I had all the qualification and prayed that if the process is based on merit, I will get the job, and to the glory of God and the fair chance given to me by the Obaseki administration, I made it. I thank the governor and his team for giving ordinary people like me and so many others, a chance to realise their dreams,” she said.