DINO MELAYE VS I.G. – A Small Word of Advice


Let me carefully appeal to you sir to thread carefully on this matter. This show of force if you ask me is totally unnecessary. This man may be everything you can think of but remains a sitting senator and should be accorded such dignity no matter what. I watched his Christmas message and he looked kind of scared and with a low voice he wished us all a merry Christmas. It was as if he was talking from inside a toilet as he did not want your men outside to know he was still there. Hemming him in, attempting to cut power from his house as it is being reported all add to bad PR for you and your men.

Dino is an irritant and an expert in baiting you, pushing you to make all these PR gaffes that you really do not need. I am sure there are other clinical ways of handling this kind of situation instead of portraying the Nigerian Police as a brutish force. Kindly play him at his game, this is a battle for the image of both sides and the sooner you see this as a PR war, the better for you.

I saw a video recently on the Nigeria Police Force where the force was portrayed in very positive and clean way. Think you should continue with the line and rebuild the force in such a way that we will be proud of it. Kindly withdraw your people and follow laid down procedures of engaging a ‘suspect’ and see how the public will queue behind you. As of now, we are seeing this thing as an army of occupation unleashed on just one man.

Dino you sef, we are getting tired of all these childish rants and games. It is distracting and belittling for a man who is a member of a highly respected institution. If you are not posing in front of luxury cars, singing ugly songs out of tune and generally looking for trouble, you will be crying wolf that they want to kill you. Why, na only you dey, are you the only senator in the country? What is it sef? It is not your fault, it is the fault of those who instead of facing the increasing crime rate in the country will now be taking you seriously and laying siege to your house when daily armed robbers are killing us. Mbok, enough is enough and kindly grow up. We really do not have time for all these. Not now. We have an election to conduct.