Olaide  Carew: I Rediscovered My Passion for Fashion When I Got Pregnant


My Story

Olaide Carew is a socialite, a fashion enthusiast, a bespoke fashion designer who styles and sews. She is known majorly for her creative and vogue designs. Tosin Clegg gets the multi-talented woman to speak about her crafts, her journey and her plans 

How did your journey into fashion start out? 

It started five years ago when I got pregnant and was encouraged to go learn a trade which I immediately did and went into something I had a passion for, which is fashion. And I bless God it’s been superb ever since. 

Tell us about the kind of pieces you do and what makes your works exceptional? 

I’m into both male and female outfits and I’m also known for detailed prim pieces. And what makes my work exceptional is just because I create banging designs that are wearable for both my male and female clients. I also connect people in an aspiring way. 

What are your set goals as a fashion designer and a social figure? 

My major goal is to build a customer base online and offline. To make people happy in the outfits I made them and also create beauty in their lives. To do a show in every major fashion capital and to get major celebrities to wear it (both at home and abroad). 

Who are your role models and why did you choose them? 

They are Tiannah Stylings and April By Kunbi. Tiannah is a strong-willed woman, super energetic, business oriented and one of the strongest women I know. April By Kunbi, on the other hand, is a definition of class. 

Where do you see yourself in a few years? 

I see myself being the best in my fashion department and Carew Couture expanded. I see myself being super skilled and even more experienced than I am now to handle whatever responsibilities that might come my way.