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US Govt Shutdown Forces Embassy in Nigeria to Close Indefinitely

US Govt Shutdown Forces Embassy in Nigeria to Close Indefinitely

Alex Enumah in Abuja

“Due to the current U.S. government shutdown, the American Centers located in the Embassy, Abuja and Consulate General, Lagos are unfortunately closed”, a post on the Facebook page of the United States Embassy in Abuja stated on Monday.

The embassy which apologised to Nigerians for any inconvenience the action might have caused however assured of immediate resumption of operations immediately the issue is resolved.

“They will re-open once the U.S. government shutdown is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience to our valued patrons”, the embassy said in the post.

Between now and when the issue is resolved, a lot of Nigerians seeking visa appointment or other meetings would have to wait and pray for early resolution.

President Donald Trump had had allowed a shutdown of the government of the United States over his inability to get support of the legislature in the building of the Mexican wall.
While campaigning for the US presidency in 2016, Trump had promised to erect a wall between the United States and Mexico to check the rising illegal migration from that country, assuring that the Mexican government would bear the cost of erecting the wall.

However when the Mexican government declined to fund the wall, Trump then turned to the US Congress, seeking the sum of $5bn to fund the project.

But Congress also refused to grant the request, prompting the President to announce his willingness to shut down the government.

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