iPhone XR Marketer Promises Consumers Improved

By Raheem Akingbolu

As part of its strategies to impact lives of consumers, especially during this festive period, Redinton Nigeria, the sole distributor of iPhone brand in the country, has introduced iPhone XR, the latest technology from the stable of Apple Incorporated, to the Nigerian market, with the assurance that it would further boost the social status of its users.

At the unveiling of the new phone in  Lagos, the Marketing Executive, Redington Nigeria, Olafisayo Fapounda, said iPhone XR is beautiful in everywhere and represents all that is good about luxury.

Fapounda described the new offering as the ultimate of mobile phone satisfaction because it comes with the latest technology at a friendly price, adding that it was introduced to the Nigerian market with one year local warranty.  While breaking down the top nine features of the colouful handset to show why it is worth the consideration of phone users in the country, he pointed out that iPhone XR is the most pocket-friendly flagship iPhone.

 “The vision of the promoters of apple brand is to change everybody’s life –to make life more beautiful, convenient and easy to live in, without stressing your finances.  Apple wants everybody to have something from the arrays of its products, including the blind. For Nigerians, iPhone XR comes with one year local warranty. What that means is that after the one year provided by apple, you get another local warranty which makes it two years. Perhaps one of its greatest advantages lies in its affordability. It is more affordable than even iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. People want more of technology and iPhone XR has innovatively come out with this so that an average patron of the brand will not be left out. iPhone life in itself changes lives,”

Speaking on the competitive advantage of iPhone in the market, the marketing executive, was quick to emphasise that security has remained the winning strategy for the manufacturers of  iPhones. He also pointed out that the premium lifestyle it gives to users with the power to take consumers to a different world in luxury has not been beaten by any phone manufacturers.  

“Over the years, our unique selling point has always been security because everybody wants a life of safety.”

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