Promoting Family Bonding


To further connect with its African audience, GOtv has cleverly used its new television commercial to promote family bonding during the festive period and beyond, writes Raheem Akingbolu

With feedback and campaigns that identify with Africans connect more with the people than the ones that look and sound foreign, more brand owners have realised the need to speak to consumers in their language. As an African brand, GOtv has consistently remained on this lane, speaking to Africans, in African language by African people.

Aside promoting Africa, GOtv’s currently running Television commercial, (TVC) can also be described as a classical example of how to promote a global brand in the local market.
From setting to the cast and the accent, everything looks African and showcases the extended family nature of the continent.

The less than one minute TVC is opened with a young man and his little son. As they enter a super store and bought a GOtv decoder, one sees excitement on the face of the father and son as they match joyfully to the warm embrace of the mother and other members of the family on the street.

With good background music, viewers are reminded that nowhere like Africa. “Anywhere you go, wherever you be, nowhere like Africa” it is emphasised as the family dances. Aside the messages and illustrations, the words are domesticated to create emotional connection between the brand and the target audience.

The camera shifted to other members of the family, especially the grandparents, who also dance to celebrate as joyful family does. Here, GOtv is positioned as a unified force as the family later converged in a well-furnished sitting room to watch various programmes on Gotv to celebrate Christmas.

With appropriate setting, music and captivating messages, the TVC plays up the proposition of GOtv as well as speaking directly to the patrons of the brand. To further position the Pay TV company as a family entertainment platform, the creative work touches music, sports, movies and other areas of interest.

The TVC was recently unveiled to further push #FestiveTogether campaign, through which MultiChoice showcase array of content to keep the family together during the festive season.

The campaign offered to treat customers on DStv and GOtv platforms to a memorable festive season.
Tagged #FestiveTogether, it offers specially curated content on DStv and GOtv while also enjoying discounts on the Explora and HD decoders.

The Chief Customer Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, Martin Mabutho, said the offering was for both new and old subscribers.

He said: “All new and existing customers can now purchase the Explora, dish kit with one-month Compact subscription for only N29,900, which was previously N52,100 while the HD decoder, dish kit with one-month Compact subscription will go for only N9,900 from a previous price of N11,900. On GOtv, customers can get GOtv Max package for only N3,200 and enjoy quality TV programming,” said According to Mabutho, “The festive season is a great time for family and friends to come together, and we are making those moments extra special with world class content on our platforms,” he said.

He further stated that there would also be a line-up of exciting content such as the special Nigerian Festivals pop-up channel, which features some of the biggest music concerts and shows on the continent including: The Experience, Calabar Carnival, Akwa Ibom Christmas Concert and One Lagos Fiesta.

As a platform that was introduced for the lower segment of the paytv market six years ago, the new set of campaigns are tailored towards consolidating its brand promise and aspiration.

Two years ago, the company came out with a campaign that was conceptualised to further position the Pay TV Company as a family entertainment platform, the creative work touches on Africa Magic, Sports, Movies and other areas of interest. For instance, one of the campaigns, ‘TV Wey Go Totori You’ was used to celebrate the Africa Magic, which over the years, has reconnected Africans and their culture through indigenous home videos and programmes that focuses on African culture and heritage. Another one, ‘TV that Gets You Energised’ was deplored to capture the sports channels on the platform. This was also believed to be strategic, considering the positive attitude of Nigerians to sports, especially football. For Nigerians, who have passion for foreign movies, ‘the third one; ‘TV that Gets You Glued’ reflected on the international posture of the platform.

Through the campaign, GOtv promoters further showcase their strategy, which ihyper-local, using local lingo, slangs and landmarks which their audience could relate to because the subscribers and targets are grassroots.