The Lord Chosen Marks 16th Anniversary

Rev. Muoka

Mary Nnah

The Lord Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries is set to mark its 16th anniversary with the theme, “Only God Can Do This”, billed to hold from December 24 to 26th at the Chosen Revival Ground, along Oshodi – Apapa expressway by Ijesha bus stop, Lagos by 8am daily.

The three-day power packed interdenominational programme cum retreat, organisers said, is designed to return all glory to God and appreciate Him for all He has done from January to December, and above all commemorate the consistent sixteenth year Charismatic Revival Evangelism of the ministry for the reason that it is only God that can do it.

The General Overseer of the church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka said the programme will produce a spiritual rebirth and positive transformation that will bring about restoration, salvation and Holy Ghost baptism, all of which will bring a total man into the blessings of God.

“It shall witness a fulfilment of all God’s good purposes in the life of participants through which they shall experience a total change as evident that God has visited them. We are very sure that God who inspired this program will bring blessing upon every participant and the nation will resonate again”, he noted.

Speaking further, he said, “There is no doubt that our country is going through harsh political and economic time which has given rise to despondency in the mind of the citizenry. But despite the insecurity and depression that have pervaded the mind of the people, the country remains united and religious. God therefore inspired this program to draw our attention to the fact that our individual success and the unity of the country do not lie on our own ability but on the measure of His mercy, for He alone can offer enduring consolation.”

“As we praise and worship God in a grand-style during the programme, and He comes to inhabit in the praises of His people, the anointing that accompanies His presence will break all yokes and causes the barren to conceive, the lame to walk, the blind to see, captives to be set free, the poor to rejoice, the hunger and thirsty to be satisfied and those that lose something in life to gain restoration with unspeakable joy.”

“Something great will happen as we thank and praise God during the program. In fact the participants shall experience the glory of God in a greater dimension that will positively affect their entire beings and turn-around for good any ugly situation.”, Muoka said further.

He noted further that, “the nasty economic and political embarrassment being experience by the citizen of this country will fizzle as we bring down the glory of God through praises. It does not matter the circumstances of your challenges or how long you have been in that situation or who is behind your predicaments, our assurance is that God is using the occasion of this 16th anniversary to bless the country and bring a total positive change in their lives.”