PT Condemns Clandestine Moves to Impose Two-Party System on Nigerians


By Nseobong Okon-Ekong

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Trust (PT), Mr. Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim, has said that his party will resist the attempts by some dominant political forces to turn Nigeria into a two-party state.

His spokesperson, Hassan Ibrahim, said that the party was aware of clandestine moves by certain forces to strangulate emerging political parties and turn Nigeria into a two-party state.

The candidate of the Third Force Movement said that any attempt to turn the hand of Nigeria’s democratic clock backwards and curtail the fundamental rights of the people to freely associate will be resisted.

He said, “There is no democracy in the world where choices are restricted to two parties. Even in the United States of America, where you have two dominant parties, there is multiplicity of parties that are allowed to participate in the process. The PT is the biggest of all the new political parties according to data from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and we insist on being allowed to blossom and fulfill the yearnings of the Nigerian people who are certainly fed up with a lack of vision, passion and direction for the development of the country.

“Many of the actors in the political scene today who are outside the two dominant parties fought vigorously to ensure respect for fundamental rights of association of Nigerians.”

He further stated that the forces seeking to return Nigerian to a two-party state had perfected their acts through the exclusion of several emerging parties at the just concluded Vice Presidential debates held by the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON).

He further stated, “2019 will not be a choice between corruption and ineptitude. The PT is determined that despite attempts to make it look like that, the 2019 election will not be a choice between the PDP, which has been variously accused of corruption and the APC, which symbolises administrative ineptitude and economic failure.

“The vast majority of Nigerians still continue to search for credible alternatives to the two political parties in spite of limited resources at the disposal of the multiple alternative platforms.

“Through massive media propaganda, a gang of Nigeria’s parasitic elite who have fed fat on the Nigerian state have tried to ensure that political clime is narrowed to the two incompetent behemoth- the APC and PDP.

“The PT is at the vanguard of ensuring that the Nigerian electorate gets credible alternative in 2019, as it has instituted the consolidation of various alternative platforms, even as it is daily receiving support from Presidential candidates, aspirants and parties.

“We know as a matter of fact that the corrupt PDP elite and the pseudo democrats of APC are desperate to consign Nigeria into a two party state. Apart from misusing state funds at their disposal to their advantage, they are arrogantly telling the suffering Nigerian people that they are stuck between the two devils.

“We are already seeing some propaganda items in some newspapers questioning whether we should even have more than these two parties in the country at all and advocating for a constitutional amendment to legislate the alternative platforms out of existence.

“We want to remind the authors of such anti-democratic thoughts that the right to a pluralistic democracy was won through hard struggle and cannot be taken away by the wishful thinking of some politicians and their ilk.”