Nigerians Have Genuine Concerns Over 2019 Elections, says SDP Aspirant


By Nseobong Okon-Ekong

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) senatorial candidate for Edo Central, Mr. Idumonza Isidahomhen has warned that Nigerians have a genuine reason to be worried over the 2019 polls owing to various incidents of ethno religious and politically inspired crises have soared unrestrained in the last few years.

He said, ordinarily the security agencies that ought to be neutral have been tainted. “Unfortunately, the gatekeepers of Nigerian security organisations have been compromised and exude trappings of partisanship. Until we can have a balanced security institution that handles both politicians within and outside the ruling party with same measure of steel, diffusing political tension may be herculean,” he opened.

Drawing examples from recent polls, Isidahomhen concluded that security agents had betrayed the trust of the people by demonstrating open partisanship. According to him, “The antecedence of the Nigerian police in the most recent elections in Ekiti and Osun unveil an institution undeserving of the slightest iota of trust. It’s hard, maybe even impossible to work the minds of the electorate to trust the police that have unequivocally displayed frontal disregard for the same law they are paid to enforce and same people they’ve been deployed to protect. “

He, however, gave a passmark to the performance of the judiciary, saying the temple of justice offered a ray of hope to the common man. “The Judiciary has shown better deliverables compared to the police and to a large extent there’s still hope to hold on to and build upon, he said.