Pay Attention to Only Issue-based Campaign, Editors Guild Charges Nigerians

By Peter Uzoho

The Nigerian Guild of Editors has enjoined the media to pay more attention to politicians who campaign on issues and shun those who smear their opponents or embark on negative campaign.

In a communique issued at the Standing Committee meeting of the group held in Bauchi yesterday, he Standing Committee discussed among other issues, the forthcoming 2018 general election, decrying “the emerging trend of dwelling on inanities and calumny.”

Recognising their pivotal role in the election process, the Guild advised journalists to abide by the Media Code on Election Coverage and ensure balanced reportage, fairness to all and display a high sense of professionalism especially during electioneering.

In the same vein, the group urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure it conducts free, fair and credible elections and remember that its loyalty is to Nigeria only and not to any political party.

The Editor further decried the growing phenomenon of vote-buying and reminded electorate that it would not be in their interest to mortgage their future for immediate pecuniary gains.

It also reminded politicians that election is not a do-or-die affair as the survival of the country is of paramount importance to all.

The Guild, however, appreciated the government and people of Bauchi State for hosting the last quarterly meeting of the Standing Committee for 2018 while commending it for the sustained infrastructural development it has embarked upon in the last three years.

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