New Pharmaceutical Brand, Pyramax, Enters Market

By Raheem Akingbolu


A new pharmaceutical brand, Pyramax, has been introduced into the Nigeria market with the promise of giving consumers a new experience.  

Speaking at its unveiling in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer of Dovizia Pharma Services, Mr. Oladipupo Ojo, said the need to “innovatively prosecute the war against malaria, in Nigeria, was the key reason for introducing Pyramax.”

He explained that the company was partnering with a Korean-based drug manufacturing company, Shin Poong Pharma, manufacturers of the Pyramax drug, to help distribute the anti-malaria drug in the private sector, such as pharma centres and other private sector outlets in the country.
He added that it had become imperative to introduce Pyramax into the nation’s pharma sector,  going by the increasing incidents of malaria-induced ailments in the country.
Oladipupo, expressed the hope that the new anti-malaria drug  would go
a long way in addressing  a major challenge facing the people in the

Commending Dovizia Pharma Services for its commitment to address the problem of people living in the tropics, the chairman of the event, Professor Akin Osinbogun argued that despite spending close to
$35 billion over 32 years to  fight malaria in this part of the world,
the efforts  were still not  enough.
“But, I’m excited that a Nigerian pharma company has deemed it fit to partner a strong Korean pharma firm to tackle a major issue
confronting us in Nigeria.
“I’m happy that a Nigerian company has chosen to take an innovative
and disruptive strategy to check  this scourge by introducing unique anti- malaria drug, capable of fighting the ailment,” stated the
professor of public health.

Speaking on the development, the  Operation Director, Shin Poong
Pharma, manufacturers of the Pyramax drug, Rene Cazetien, explained that the decision to partner with Dovizia to combat malaria in Nigeria was informed by the company’s  rich pedigree in sales and marketing of pharma products in the country.
Cazetien, added that one of the unique selling  points of  the new
anti-malaria drug is the fact that, unlike other drugs,  it can be
taken with or without food.
“Unlike other anti-malaria drugs where the patient will be required to
eat before taking the drugs, to enhance efficacy, Pyramax works
effectively in the patient,  with or without food,” he stated.

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