Anambra South: YPP’ll Defeat APGA, PDP, APC in Free, Fair Election

Stalwart of the Young Progressive Party (YPP), Egwumba Odogwu N’epe Mpe, has declared that YPP senatorial candidate, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah would be the favoured against those of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Congress (APC), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and others participating in the race if the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) conducts free, fair and credible elections come in 2019.

The chieftain of YPP, who is also the founder of Ihiala People’s Mandate (IPM) disclosed this during an interview with journalists in Anambra.

Odogwu N’epe Mpe posited that Nigeria was a democratic country but the political system in Nigeria Elections did not show any practice of democracy.

According to him, “When you examine voters in the country  today you will observe that recent elections are no longer won according to the political party, the aspirants dominates because people now cast their votes according to the individual that contests the election and not by the political party they belongs to; this is very clear.

“Rigging is a very big problem in Nigerian; rigging of elections is already like an incurable disease in Nigeria Politics today and this is not helpful for the Politics of this country. If rigging of elections should be stopped in Nigeria today, elections conducted according to the legal and lawful electoral guidelines people will join the smallest party to run and still win election. Every political party is very capable of winning elections depending on the candidate presented in the election.

“To be honest it should be considered unpolitical and very undemocratic that aspirants should be declared winners of elections base on the political parties they belongs to. I can describe this system as a height of injustice because it’s completely unpolitical.”

During elections, Odogwu N’epe Mpe advised that voters should be allowed to vote according to their choice, and votes should be counted accordingly without fear or favour. The candidate who wins the election should be declared winner irrespective of his political party.

This is the right way politics should be done in a country where democracy is recognised, and that’s the only thing that can stop election/political crises and killings that always happen in Nigeria during every election period, Odogwu N’epe Mpe

Talking about political party, Egwumba Odogwu N’epe Mpe, said the Young Progressive Party (YPP) was established because PDP, APC, APGA and others in government have failed Nigerians.

YPP, he said, will promote and defend the Nigerian federal system of government also ensuring that those put in positions of power will regard themselves as holding such power in tr

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