Musicians urged to use Lyrical Contents to Promote National Values


Oluchi Chibuzor

Upcoming musicians in the country have been urged to use lyrical contents to promote national unity and spirit lifting song as the country approach 2019 general election which is a period with anxiety and fear and various uncertainties in the air.

The parish pastor, Maranatha Redeem Church, Gbagada, Adeoye Ogunleye, stated this while interacting with journalists at the album lunch of Mercy Idegwu titled “Dominion”, recently in Lagos.

Ogunleye who said music is capable of turning people’s life around for those who possesses talent of singing especially at this critical moment of economy diversification, adding that it was the reason for creating a favourable atmosphere for everybody who have proven competence to excel in their chosen field.

He further stated that such ability should help grow the country, communities and go beyond boarders of church to be a blessing to people, irrespective of the monetary gains that may be derived from the talent.

According to him, “Music should help foster unity and should lift the soul spiritually, especially as we approach 2019 general election, and that is what the title of the album lunch is trying to achieve by giving people hope and letting them know they can exercise dominion in every challenges facing them”. He noted.

He however, called for caution, “the lyrics of the songs should promote values that will motivate listeners, so music is a very essential part of the church and to grow the ministry you need to empower people in that area as you can see some of the artist started from churches but decided to leave because of money and fame. The messages that the song is projecting is the reason why we are here.” He explained

On her part, the singer expressed concern that people are not taking dominion as the original plan of God when he created mankind, while adding that in every sphere of life people should encourage peace without downplaying others, which is accelerator of violence and discord.

Mercy said, “The original intention was for us to take dominion in business, politics, education and in any sector we find ourselves in the economy. This type of dominion is the one that allow unity, promotes equity and encourages togetherness, especially as we approach the 2019 general election.

“People should understand that the time to take dominion has come in their personal life and allow actions that will breed favourable conditions for everybody to achieve their potential in our office, communities, and homes and will not project threats at the coming election.”