Late Mrs. Florence Nwamaka Izunaso



The supreme desire of any woman on earth is to have good children, live well, enjoy luxuriantly at old age and at the end, get a befitting burial. Having selflessly sacrificed many of her needs and wants out of abundant love; working hard to prepare the children with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to succeed in life, a mother truly deserves all the love and affluence of life.

Without casting any aspersion on fathers, the furthermost love shown to a child comes from the mothers who as a matter of compulsion love their children without incentives, without grounds, without edge. Motherhood is indeed the greatest source of love.

As plain as the love between a mother and child is, sadly one still finds some mothers doing the opposite to their children. We have heard cases of children, whether rightly or wrongly holding their mothers responsible for their woes, failures and other problems of life. I personally find it hard to believe such uncharitable tales.

However, when a mother, playing her natural role of love, care and life giver to her children, the results are always noticeable in the lives and conducts of such children as they mostly do well (in their own right) and more importantly exude and receive love. This is mostly because they are constantly ready to help and offer assistance to the needy as progressively infused in them by their mothers

This is the trajectory of the late Mrs. Florence Nwamaka Izunaso of Ohakpu, Oru West Local Government, Imo State, mother of Senator Osita Bonaventure Izunaso who passed on, on the 21st of October, 2018. As depicted by her children, hers was excellent motherhood that manifested well in all her children.

It was a maternity fastened with uncommon love, strength, character and blessings of the great things of life. In our three decades of friendship, Senator Izunaso has constantly exhibited high degree of responsibility, responsiveness, affection and care which he is always proud to say were the harvest of the upbringing he got from his mother. Hardly would any conversation on morality and responsible living with Osita ends without him making reference to his mother.

Senator Izunaso, the Chairman of the Governing Council of the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) in all his engagements and activities, exhibits great love, accommodation, resourcefulness, selflessness and care in relating with siblings, family members, partners, political associates and colleagues. At home in Ohakpu, Owerri and Abuja, Osita plays host to tens of people on a daily basis. People throng his abode for sundry reasons and no matter your need, it is very unusual to leave Senator Izunaso’s house a sad person. He deploys everything, including his rich contacts, uncommon wisdom, super intellect and even his high sense of humour to make people happy.

Twelve years ago, he founded the now globally known Kpakpando Foundation that has been bringing fortunes to the lives of the physically challenged persons across the 36 states of Nigeria and beyond. As at today, Kpapando Foundation has empowered well over 10,000 physically challenged Nigerians in different parts of the country. I am not aware of any other Non Governmental Organization with such records in Nigeria and on the continent.

This is why it not surprising that any time Osita needs support and care, he gets the best of them without much ado. The quality of prop ups and affection on hand for Osita, without any exaggeration, is not available to many of the sitting governors and ministers in the country today.

Painful as the death of Mama was to Osita Izunaso and his siblings, the outpouring of affection, sympathy and care from across the globe, from the high and the low has mollified their pains in no small measures. All the preparations for the burial of the Adinije are virtually being undertaken by friends and associates.

Initially, when the Central Planning Committee set up by friends, constituted 10 sub committees with over 100 persons for the burial activities, many had thought that the number of persons and committees were ambitious, giving that it was not a government program. However, as the preparations roll by, many more friends and associates voluntarily expressed interest in serving on the committees.

At the end of the day, we eventually have 15 sub committees with 250 functional members. More than you can have in most government activities; the planning committee has provisions for everything including well outfitted medical teams at all the functions.

Apart from giving their time to work on the committees, members are equally making financial and materials contributions to the successful burial of the woman that gave the world Osita Izunaso whose love radiates to our lives.

Gone to rest with her Creator at the age of 85, Mama Nwamaka Izunaso lived a good life, leaving behind children who were never found wanton in reciprocating the love their mother showered on them.

From Ohakpu to Owerri, Abuja and other places, Mrs. Izunaso, you were not only well respected and loved; you were a guiding Star, the cynosure of all eyes. Living your dreams, you had an exemplary life; all the children you gave all in you to, all your sacrifices and deprivations to make them successful became great and influential personalities in your life time. You lived ornately at your middle age, and enjoyed magnificently in old age, travelling (first class) to the best places in the world.

This weekend, as Osita and his siblings give you the greatest honour with the most befitting burial, children could give an affectionate mother, I am glad that I benefitted from the seeds of love, you planted in them all. Adieu, MAMA IZUNASO!

*Kehinde Olaosebikan, CEO, Midas Communications Ltd is a member of the Planning Committee for the Burial of Late Mrs. Florence Nwamaka Izunaso.