You know they say, be careful what you wish for otherwise one would have said one or two things about this claim. Well that said, the story has gone viral and Nigerians in their usual manner have said a lot about it. But then again if it is true that oga said it, then it is time we started evaluating our office holders at Yaba just the way we are asked to go for evaluation anytime Lastma or FRSC catch you.

What this statement was meant to achieve I do not know and is it not time we got thoroughbred professionals to man these sensitive positions instead of this one that we are hearing all sorts in this country? The man is being held against some court judgments and instead of us to go to the courts to fight against the bail, we’re being allegedly told that N3.5m is being spent on feeding him as if that justifies everything.

The same country where NLC is asking for just N30,000 minimum wage, this is said to be happening? You see some of the problems Baba is facing are self-inflicted. Why hasn’t he even changed cabinet sef? In a relay race, you reserve your strongest legs for the last round. You cannot continue a race with the same legs you started with na. Sai Buhari make a change o.