Educationist Tasks Nigerians on Country’s Challenges


An educationist and author of a book “Accountable Nigeria”, Dr. Tunde Ali, has advised Nigerians to be ready to solve the problems confronting the country from within.

Ali made this known while addressing journalists during a press conference to herald the launching of the book at Ibadan Civic centre, Ibadan today.

The book, a product of Future Minds Development Initiative (FMDI) is expected to be launched by Dr. Olusola Ayandele, Hon. Akin Alabi and a host of other important dignitaries.

Ali stated that “the book is focused on improving access to information and citizens’ management.

“The fact remains that these career officers and those specific members of the public live amongst us, as mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, neighbours, club members, association members, acquaintances and colleagues. We are our own problems. Therefore, we need to be our own solutions. Solutions that remains steadfastly unrepentantly respectful of laws of the land, peaceful, forgiving our various past deeds and progressive.”

Ali added, “As we all know, we always talk about the problems; we are actually experts at identifying the problems and criticising everything and everyone. Then, we want a messiah from heaven to fix the problems and we can just wake up one day straight in the Nigeria heaven and live happily forever after. Every nation has problems; it is always the Citizens who provide the solutions even when there is a dictator, he still needs the Citizens to carry out the tasks of the nation and society building.”

Accountable Nigeria, Ali hinted presents an opportunity for every Nigerian and non-Nigerians in all places worldwide and at any stage in life how they can be part of this change and join in the project.