Obaseki subsidises Emotan Gardens, as Mixta Nigeria adds more units to housing stock


With more subscribers angling for units in Emotan Gardens project, in Benin City, Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA) has disclosed that the Godwin Obaseki led-administration is providing a form of subsidy through the provision of infrastructure and other incentives to make the houses affordable for everyone in the state.

Executive Chairman, EDPA, Isoken Omo, in a chat with journalists, in Benin City, said that the state government is deeply committed to its affordable housing scheme, which birthed the Emotan Gardens project in the Upper Sopkonba axis of Benin City, the state capital.

According to her, “The government is putting down the land, Infrastructure and the enabling environment; easy approvals and other forms of  documentation as well as all the support the investor  needs to come to Edo and thrive, we have provided.”

She added that government is providing infrastructure to make it affordable, without having to break the bank to get units in Emotan Gardens. “If we ask Mixta Nigeria to provide infrastructure, that cost will be slapped on the project and then the houses might not be affordable. We have tried to make the project affordable,” she said.

According to her, “What the people are paying for the units is not the true value of the properties. In fact, they are paying way less because the governor has mandated that the house does not go above a threshold. So, the people are paying less for more value, thanks to the governor’s smart way of subsidising the cost of the houses.”

Head, Business Development and Sales, Mixta Nigeria, Mr. Korede Lawrence, said that the houses are affordable because of the state government’s involvement, which brought down the cost of the property.

He said work at the site is in top gear as more housing units are being added to meet the increasing demand from Edo people and residents as well as the diaspora community. 

According to him, “Today we are selling for about N5.7 million. These houses cost more than that in the market, but the prices have to come down to a level which everybody can partake. We have gone a step further in the relationship with government by making sure that people can make payment in instalments. So, you won’t pay N5.7 million at once.”