Omotunde  Sogunle: I Wanted to Be a Lawyer, But…


My Story

Omotunde is an actor whose works include films and stage plays. She is also a TV host and a multi-diversified entertainment enthusiast. She tells Tosin Clegg about her career, acting, TV and more

How did it all start? 

I initially wanted to be a lawyer but it all changed in secondary school when a drama competition was brought to my school. I went for the audition with my best friend. She got the role I auditioned for and the director made me his assistant. In fact, he made me everything; I was in charge of costume, props, set, makeup, etc. 

Tell us about your works? 

So far, I have been in a couple of series, movies, both Yoruba and English, from Jenifa’s Diary. My most recent Yoruba movie is Oba Ara which is still showing on YouTube. House 31 is coming soon to your screens. Downtown is still showing on NTA, Copers Shun on Accelerate Tv, Liberty Villa on Stv, Rofia Taylor Loran and more. 

 Who are your role models? 

I have a lot, but not as role models, because a lot of us just pick and want to be like this person. But I’m like, I like your style, I want to be better. I particularly watch out for the emotional switch in every actor. It’s something I work on, myself, every day because acting is make-believe so if I’m not able to switch from one emotion to the other smoothly then how do I make my audience believe me? Every actor inspires me. I inspire myself when I pull up a totally different role. 

Tell us about your shows? 

I host my own show which is called FoodPorn with MoSugar. I have a talk show called Bedtalk which I co-produced with Asurf Oluseyi the producer of Hakkunde. Sometimes, I’m into contents, radio jingles, adverts. But basically, all I do has to do with the media. 

What goals have you set for yourself? 

I intend to go into production next year. All is getting set but I just might focus on Yoruba movies first. Directing might be in the future. The last time I directed was during NYSC and it was a dance-drama. Those two I’m sure of but who knows, something else might spring up.