Clergy Urges Politicians to Concentrate on Nation Building


Oluchi Chibuzor

As the Country yearn for dividend of economic emancipation from the democratic leaders across all sphere of governance, the south west overseer of Rhema deliverance mission, has called for politicians to stop thinking about what they will get at the detriment of the general wellbeing of the populace in the forthcoming general election.

The overseer, Dr. Anene Nwachukwu, gave the admonition, weekend, at the annual convention 2018 and the dedication of the multi-million Rhema International Prophetic Centre, with a theme: faithful God, said his visit to Solomon’s temple in 2010, gave him the vision to build a replica of the temple and hence the magnificent edifice God has helped them to build in Nigeria.

Dr. Anene, further agreed that churches should empower their members to economically and spiritually to withstand the current realities in the country, said that he believed that Christianity should be about bearing one another burden as one member of Christ body, adding the church support over two hundred widows among other roles the church have embarked on.

‘’We support over two hundred widows in the society. We pay schools fees, hospital bills, and share rice almost on monthly basis for the less privilege in our church. Because Christianity is all about bearing one another burden and we always try to alleviate the sufferings of our members through charity’’.

According to him: “I always tell politicians in my church that great leaders think about next generation, but politicians think about the next election, i always tell them that whatever you are doing you must do it right. Take for example if we spiritual leaders are telling the politicians the truth, our roads will not be the way it is, our economy will not be as it is- if you look at the economy you will see that things has really fallen below standards.

“Nigerians are suffering, there is high level of poverty in the land and citizens are yearning for change and because the change we expected we are not seeing, we are believing God that Nigeria will have a change of government in 2019”. He noted.

Earlier the presiding Bishop, Pinnacle Redeemed mission, Nnewi, Dr. Louis Morah, said “the situation in the country demand divine invention from God, as expectation of attaining new age is not been realize because of ethnicity and tribalism since independence from colonial masters”. He explained

In her views the representative of Anambra state governor, governor Willie Obiano, Anambra Liaison officer, Lagos, Mrs. Uloma Wise, gave kudos to the quality of works at the church centre, acknowledging that the new sanctuary we give room for propagation of God’s kingdom.