Apomu Chieftaincy Tussle: Alapomu Royal Family Says No Monarch Selected Yet


Hammed Shittu in Ilorin

The Head of Alapomu Ruling House in Isokan Local Government Area of Osun State, Prince Gbowoloye Adeniji at the weekend said the people of the ancient town of Apomu is yet to have a traditional ruler contrary to the claim by one John Abayomi Olagbemi who allegedly parades himself as the traditional ruler of the town.

Speaking to journalists in Ilorin, Kwara State capital, Adeniji stated that John Abayomi Olagbemi was never selected as a traditional ruler of Apomu, adding that he did not even pass through the selection process of the kingmakers of the town.

He described Olagbemi as an “impositor’ that will not be accepted by the Alapomu ruling house and the entire people of Apomu, stressing that, “the royal stool of Apomu community still remains vacant and presently a subject of litigation in the court of law”.

Adeniji also stated that, “John Abayomi and his family contrary to claims, are never known to Apomu community and tradition as a Prince and royal family, respectively.”

According to him, “any attempt by the family of John Abayomi Olagbemi to impose itself on the community despite the fact that various commission of Inquiries set up by Osun State government had severally decided that their family is not entitled to the throne would be resisted”.

Adeniji also pointed out that,” In over 500 years’ history of Apomu town, nobody from his family has ever sat on the throne of Alapomu of Apomu. There are processes in Yoruba tradition on how an Oba- elect emerges. “

“Funny enough, this impostor did not pass through any selection process by the kingmakers; who are empowered under the chieftaincy law to select and recommend a candidate entitled to the throne to government. His family name is not in the list of five recognised ruling houses of Alapomu.

“Also, a look at several interviews granted by prominent members of Ayope family where the said John Abayomi Olagbemi comes from in relation to it, history claims that they came from Owu, Offa, Ile Ife.

‘In contrast, there is no ambiguity as to the origin of the progenitor of Alapomu dynasty; who came from Gbegbaje branch of Giesi Ruling house in Ile Ife.

“Ayope family is not known in the tradition of Apomu as a royal family. Where they are situated in the town is far to the palace of Alapomu- whereas the place of settlement of Alapomu ruling houses surrounded the palace of Alapomu; an area where their progenitor settled”.

“Any attempt by Ayope family to obtain recognition through the back door as a ruling house is an attempt in futility because it won’t endure based on historical, cultural and physical evidences available, upon which Justice Babalakin and other commission of enquiries set up by Osun State government at different times based their recommendations that Ayope family is not entitled to the throne of Alapomu,” he