The Return of Titi and Jennifer Atiku…

The emergence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, brought to an end a cliff-hanging chapter in Nigeria’s political odyssey. In a keenly contested primary election, Atiku clinched the coveted PDP presidential ticket ahead of other political heavyweights.

Titi, the first wife of Atiku is upbeat and back on her grind, as you read. Her newfound vivacity stems from her dreams of a second chance in Nigeria’s power corridors as the race for the 2019 presidential elections hots up. At the backdrop of her husband’s emergence, Titi reportedly mobilizes her crew of friends, powerbrokers and political associates for moral and physical support in respect of her husband’s political future.

While her husband enjoyed his time as the nation’s number two citizen, Hajia Amina Titi Abubakar was one of the women who dazzled the social scene with their presence.The aura of power followed her wherever she went, attracting a bevy of admirers desirous of getting the good graces of the stylish woman of means. But then, the life of influence and power came to a halt, and the fair-complexioned matriarch of the Atiku family took a break from the public eye following her husband’s exit from office.

The pet project she founded as wife of the Vice President was also put on the back burner. The Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF), today, Titi has been going around giving motivational talks and people believe that Titi is trying to come back into the happening crowd.

However, but there is also someone who has been the deity behind Atiku. We are talking about Jennifer Atiku! She is one of the propelling forces behind Atiku’s presidential ambition Arguably the most popular of the Waziri of Adamawa’s wives, Jennifer has consequently come under a lot of scrutiny for staying the course with a man she had vowed to ride or die with. The highly cerebral woman of Igbo extraction has had to sacrifice a lot to protect her man.

Many had expressed pessimism about the former NTA newscaster’s marriage to Atiku, presuming that she would dump the union when the strokes of her husband’s political persecution were extended to her. She has disappointed them all. A lawyer and Ph.D holder from the American University in Washington, the beautiful mother of three is a combination of beauty and brains, the latter which she has extensively deployed into making the Atiku brand very formidable.

Rechristened Jemila to signpost her marriage to Atiku, she is described as bold and fierce and repudiates being called an Igbo woman, preferring instead to be known as a Nigerian. She effortlessly combines motherhood and wifehood in the same girth. Like a nurturer of life and builder of joy, Jennifer understands the challenges of raising another woman’s children as one’s kids hence she devotes herself fully and without restraint, to fostering children her husband had with another woman.

Very few women indeed, could navigate the terrain of step-motherhood without resorting to violence, deviousness, duplicity and other extreme measures but Jennifer, unlike most women, has learnt to treat her stepchildren as her own. She wouldn’t ever maltreat them thus she commits to their development the way real mothers devote their time and their hearts to raising their eternal sweethearts.

Due to her unrelenting affection and care, her step-kids equally endeavour to do her proud. They respond to her love with even greater love and enthusiasm thus it is always difficult for anyone to know that she isn’t their real mother. The quality of friendship, affection and care shared by his wife and her stepchildren reportedly gladdens Atiku’s heart thus he is always eager to celebrate her as the best wife and mother ever.

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