Oba Akiolu Plans 75th Birthday

Oba Rilwan Akiolu

The frills of fortune, treats of conceit and the law of power may be accumulated without end in royal circuits. A taste for them increases as it they are gratified, particularly within the domain of a covetous monarch. More than a decade after he became the Paramount Ruler of Lagos and the chairman, Lagos State Council of Obas, the activism and vociferous streak of Oba Rilwan Akiolu bristles.

Brutally frank, he is not a king known to speak tongue-in-cheek. Not for him is the political correctness embraced by fellow kings; for Oba Akiolu, what you see is what you get. Over the past couple of years, some of his public statements like the choice of Akinwunmi Ambode as the next governor of Lagos State; and the tirade about the Igbo in Lagos, among others, have been topical issues across the nation.

Neither has tempered his vivacious volubility. “If something is against me, I will talk, and there is nobody I cannot tell the truth. Nobody. By the grace of Almighty Allah and my ancestors in this palace, nobody can get to the position of authority in Lagos without the approval and consent of the Almighty Allah, the ancestors and the Oba of Lagos and I mean it; either now or in the future…”However, the stylish king would be 75 in the next few days and promises to be a celebration galore. Oba Akiolu was born October 29, 1943. A University of Lagos-trained lawyer, he joined the Nigeria Police Force in 1970 and rose to the position of Assistant Inspector General of Police in 1999. He retired after 32 years to serve the people of Lagos in a traditional capacity.

However, like clams and corals gravitating in the deep, towards the tide without a storm, the crème of Nigeria’s high society would be trooping out to party with Oba of Lagos in few days despite his established distaste for grand festivities. He is not one to indulge in extravagant activities, as confirmed by him years ago. Akiolu also confirmed that he is not given to celebrating his birthdays since any of his birthdays is just like any other day of his life.