Dansadau: I Will Make Zamfara Envy of Other States


Benneth Oghifo

The Chairman of National Rescue Mission (NRM), Senator Seidu Dansadau, has promised to make Zamfara State Africa’s center of commerce and industry and become model of good governance in Nigeria if elected governor.

Dansadau, a governorship candidate in Zamfara State, said he resolved to contest the governorship due to socio-economic challenges Zamfara state experienced since 1999 till date.

He expressed these views in a statement he personally signed yesterday, promising to make Zamfara an enviable state in the state if elected in the state.

Dansadau, who served in the Senate between 1999 and 2007 on the platform of the defunct All Nigeria peoples Party (ANPP), was prevailed upon to come on a rescue mission, starting from his state, before going to the centre.

If not because of the socio-economic challenges Zamfara state experienced since 1999 till date, Dansadau said presidency would have been a preferred option for him.

He said Zamfara State “is one of the unfortunate states in Nigeria that since 1999 till date has never had a leader to provide good governance. That is why the state is going through the insecurity and all sorts of challenges it has faced so far. There is no state in the country that has gone through agony, ordeal, of insecurity like Zamfara State.

“I want to mentor the youths in the state in such a way that through my politics, my behavior, attitude and character, my political team will be able to provide good governance.

“I want to show Nigerians and Africans that it is quite possible to provide good governance in Nigeria. My hope and prayer is that if God, in His mercy, wisdom and power, give me the governorship of the state in 2019 and helps me to get to the second term and helps the party to govern the state for minimum of three terms, I am going to make Zamfara the envy of the remaining states in the federation.

“There is a plan to make Zamfara State Africa center for commerce and industry. I will as well, make Zamfara state the model of mechanized agriculture, not only in Nigeria but Africa. If you govern well, you earn respect.

“However, that respect would come when you act according to the rule of law. The leader must be untribalistic. He must be just, fair equitable to all irrespective of political inclination, religion sex, geographical location where everyone is seen as one.”