Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President, Mr. Ayuba Wabba

Didn’t I say it on this page last week that we should not take these gerontocrats seriously? Haven’t they called off their funny strike after how many hours and what did they achieve? Nothing. Did the strike even hold, as people went about their business looking for daily bread? Mbok, the issue that is doing us now is not minimum wage but a full robust and meaningful self-sustaining living essence for Nigerians. You see why even the government does not take them seriously.

They always come out as self-serving and narrow-minded. So in all the wahala we face in this country, is salary increment these ones can see to fight for and then they will be calling out all Nigerians to go on strike so they can increase their salaries? Mbok, what is that if not self-importance? Well we have seen them once again for what they truly are, make I keep quiet before they say I be …