AYO FAYOSE How are we preparing?

Ayodele Fayose

The date is getting close and the EFCC has shown very clearly that they are ready and waiting. I am sure on our own side we too are preparing and waiting. My lord there are some very cardinal rules about entering EFCC if I can share same here with you. Pray Psalm 23 the morning just when you are about to leave the house, make love just in case, go with a crowd, all will not enter but make sure you have a wingman and a runner with you. These ones must enter with you for they are the ones that will be running around to perfect your bail conditions. Prepare your mind to spend some nights because you may not meet the bail requirements on time especially as this your matter is of concern.

Be polite and humble, EFCC has some of the most professional and polite officers, I have met them at one isi ewu joint in Surulere. They are very professional and firm and would not condone being talked down to. Remember at that point you are no longer an excellency but a statesman, so you will start every statement in response to their question with, ‘ thank you for this question’. Remain calm, don’t sweat and don’t be boastful. You will be ok, everything we have seen so far is bailable. Carry stomach infrastructure for fellow detainees just in case, carry books including my Loudwhispers. I can send to you also just in case but in all this never forget that you remain Peter the Rock. You are my man.