Power Oil Unveils ‘Pay with Calories 5.0’ Campaign


In marking the 2018 World Heart Day, Vegetable Oil producer, Power Oil, has staged the fifth edition of its annual health campaign, ‘Pay with Calories’.

The annual health project encourages healthy lifestyle by sensitising members of the public on how to take care of the heart and maintain a healthy calories body system.

At Festival Mall in Lagos and some areas in Ibadan where the sensitisation exercise held, members of the public  exercised with equipment for at least five minutes to burn some calories, after which they were  rewarded with  gift prizes based on the amount of calories they burnt on the spot within an  allotted time.

The campaign created an exciting atmosphere for customers and passers-by to   get connected with the brand in a fun, relaxing and rewarding manner. Branded gift items were laid out for consumers to pick from equals to the amount of calories burnt.

Reiterating the company’s commitment to wellness, Brand Manager, Power Oil, Miss. Amisha Chawla, stated that as a health conscious brand, physical wellness is one area that the company does not compromise and reiterated the plans of the company to sustain the initiative.

“Interestingly, this edition has coincided with the World Heart Day that is celebrated globally. As our focus, we will help to build healthy families through our nutritious products of quality standards. At the end, Nigeria can boasts of    strong and healthy citizens 

Similarly, Public Relations Manager of the firm, Mrs. Omotayo Azeez- Abiodun, explained further that the  experiential campaign was borne out of the necessity to encourage Nigerians to become mindful of their heart health by making efforts to maintain good body fitness and possibly eliminate unhealthy consumption habits.

“And because the world Heart Day is a symbolic event for us, we went a step further to enter into the streets of Ibadan to engage consumers to some calories-burning moves while they get to win gifts in exchange”.

One of the participants, Miss. Judith Biegusa, was able to burn 75 calories within six minutes and won a smart Wrist watch. 

Also reacting, another participant, Mr. Obaide Austin, said: “It has been so much fun while getting rewarded and that made the challenge more interesting.  I applaud the company for conceiving this campaign and we shall be looking forward to the next edition.”