Olufunsho Amosun’s Charm

Olufunsho Amosun

Wife of Ogun State Governor, Olufunsho Amosun, is charming by all standards.

Blessed with good looks, she detests making unnecessary noise about her status. She is simple but not simplistic.

A gorgeous lady with a sound mind; this has been her main stay with the number one citizen of the state. Though in her 50s, she can still pass for a younger lady full of life. Soon after her husband assumed office as the governor, she made it clear that she is not interested in the First Lady title.

She is a fashionista of note; a thing that has been with her since her growing up days. She is said to pay attention to every detail concerning her looks before she steps out into the public.

She is also said to be a lover of sports and you will be so amazed what she knows about the sporting world. Whenever she travels out of the country, she ensures she shops for designer items. One thing you can’t take away from her is that she has good taste for good things.