Young Nigerian Celebrities’ Craze for Butt Enlargement Surgery

Toke Makinwa

A violinist has his violin, a painter his palette. But all a female celebrity has is her derriere, you would think. You could be forgiven for thinking that many a young lady now is driven by spasms of self-love to frantically display big buttocks on the social media. Critics of their action would interpret it as a symptom of extreme vanity and esteem issues but fans of the celebrities would simply consider it: ‘moving with the times or going with the trend.

The rate at which local celebrities go for butt enlargement these days would leave the conservative gasping for breath. The roll call of local female celebrities who are subscribing to this cultural import from Europe and America has become worrisome to some people.

However, Everyone is altered. Even in showbiz and entertainment industry, the latest glamour obsession, otherwise called as “beauty work” has stayed underground for more than a decade before they are now accepted as the norm. The craze for boob jobs, butts enlargement, tummy tuck and other vanity magic is understandable in the western world, the pressure is on for everyone to always look their best. This has given rise to celebrity’s drive for perfection, and the trend is now trickling down to every Tom, Dick and Harry who feels left behind and challenged by the images they see on Instagram no matter how fake they are found to be.

The line-up of Nigerian celebrities who have had their butts enlarged and boobs enhanced is swelling by the day. Celebrities for whom travelling abroad is a luxury, they find ready help in the practice of locally-based beauty and aesthetics experts. Ask Toke Makinwa, she would confirm this!