Sisters In Tandem…Two Oil Billionaires, Toke Makinwa And Her Sister, Ope

Toke Makinwa

To most divorcees, marital happiness is like a butterfly that appears and delights for one brief moment, but soon flits away. To others, it’s rediscoverable amid possibilities of having it as a permanent feature of their lives; but whatever the hue or husk in which it represents itself, Toke Makinwa will never shy away from its cathartic bliss.

Toke Makinwa is one lady who has been unequivocal about her resolve to exploit her vulnerability to her full advantage. Her new image of “a good girl gone bad” has since pitched her with several controversies in which she has been deliberately thriving. One can recall the reports linking her to Festus Fadeyi, the billionaire Chairman and Managing Director of Pan Ocean Nigeria Limited. What many did not know was that it was Toke’s sister, Opeyemi, that introduced Toke to Chief. Opeyemi was then working in a bank where she was the accounts manager to Festus Fadeyi. She it was who made strategic linking between her sister and wealthy customer. Luck smiled on Toke as Fadeyi immediately got smitten with the cupid arrow. He did not only fall in love with her but started building his world and joy around Toke.

Trust Toke, sensing the septuagenarian had lost control of his emotions; she took full control of the relationship and allegedly made a huge fortune from the deeply besotted man. There was hardly anything money can buy that was not bought for Toke. Toke had to leave him and moved after their friendship was leaked and generated furore in the public and more in Fadeyi family.

Reports say Toke is now very close to another oil mogul, named Aliyu Abubakar, who owns AA Oil. How she linked up with him is still shrouded in secrecy, but it might not be unconnected with Opeyemi who has since moved to FCMB, where she manages top accounts like those Folorunso Alakija and other moguls.

The Kogi State-born Aliyu has been extremely generous to Toke, as he has been spoiling her with luxuries; and Toke has been living it all. She has since graduated from hedonistic display of designers wears, bags and jewelleries to owning a mansion in Ikoyi, on Bank Road to be precise. She has chosen to be daring and she makes no pretence about her game.

With her much-vaunted marriage crashing like a pack of badly arranged card trailed with bitterness, Toke turned it around and made a fortune of the matrimonial misadventure. Her ‘On Becoming’ book became an instant success as she cleaned out nicely from the publishing deal and other lucrative deals precipitated by the revelations in the book. There is no gainsaying the fact that Toke has been living up to her “Small Girl With Big God” aphorism.