Pascal Dozie’s Son, Chijoke, Hooked in Portugal



To party across the seas is to assert your affluence and position among the rich upper class. Thus, everybody wants to host the most expensive bash across the high seas, in the hallowed circuits of Nigeria’s high society. Trust billionaire corporate guru, Chief Pascal Dozie, the owner of Diamond Bank, who doesn’t do things in half measures. He threw a never-to-be-forgotten wedding ceremony for his son, Chijoke Dozie in Portugal some days ago.

For the first dance, the groom, Chijoke stared into the eyes of his bride, Ifunanya Sunshine, as if he meant to rediscover a familiar treasure trove. Sunshine looked even more ready to interlock with him in body, mind, spirit and soul. The couple filled up each other’s glances with muted affectation of undying love. It was a charming, corny, over-the-top moment at an event most noteworthy, perhaps, for how it drew the crème of Nigeria and Portugal’s high societies to celebrate with the new couple.

Chijoke, a co-founder and CEO of OneFi, a digital financial lender, hails from an enviable pedigree; the son of a billionaire businessman, presented as a wonderful hunk worthy of the love, high lust and devotion of several rich, glamorous heiresses. Ifunanya is ravishing and lovable. By the end of her wedding day, she had provoked endless streams of well wishes, accolades and the way her curves flared in her dazzling bridesmaid’s dress.

The grandeur, majestic state of being rich, unapologetically splendid and royal. The high society wedding provided a chance for the Dozies to flaunt their amazing wealth and international clout. At the ceremony, treasures and wonders were much in evidence. As the dark-haired bride, floated down the aisle in splendid silk, Chijoke eagerly awaited her arrival, standing on his pew to get a bird’s-eye view of his ravishing bride. She looked every bit a princess.

The event maestro handled most of the logistics and floral treatments, creating an immersive atmosphere. It was grand in its scale—but beautiful, not gross or overwhelming. From the start to finish, scores of guests indulged in bedazzled documentation. Not a few dignitaries in the consummately wired crowd were pleasantly enthralled by the very well-heeled couple’s ingenious way of declaring their undying love for each other and cementing it in holy union—albeit with enormous helpings of fairy tales, expensive perks and élan.

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