On Senator Melaye’s Shameful Spat With Smart Adeyemi’s Daughter

Yes, Senator Dino Melaye is a man of two truths, the real truth and untrue truth. This makes him lead a double life. Does that make him a liar? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Indeed, even though a lie can be half-way round the world before the truth has got its boots on, the truth always catches up with it and smothers it. Whatever your estimation of him, Melaye is living his life.

However, some days ago, Senator Adeyemi Smart’s daughter, Deola Smart, took to her insta-story to call out Melaye over his condolence visit. Senator Adeyemi’s wife, Yemisi, died few weeks ago and Dino Melaye decided to stop by at the Adeyemi residence to offer his condolences. Sadly, his gesture was not appreciated as Deola spat into the air and received it in measured cadence, took to social media to call him out and even threatened to deal with him if he ever comes to their house again.

“We’ve ignored Dino Melaye for so long. But for him to think it’s cool to stop over at my house so he could post on Instagram and Twitter and score a cheap political point is beyond me while my family is mourning…Thunder fire u Dino Melaye and we meet at the battlefield”. She further expressed that Melaye is a coward who lives a fake life on social media. She claimed that he acts tough online when he is actually a coward. According to Deola, “I’ve had enough. I’m so angry tonight….imagine the audacity of this joke called dino. I dare you to come to my house again dino. You’ll know the difference between the internet and reality.” Recall Melaye recently posted a video of some men allegedly mocking Adeyemi on his instagram page. Melaye unseated Adeyemi as the senator representing Kogi West.

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