Uber Turns Five, Expresses Fulfillment  as Business


Ride hailing firm, Uber has said that it is proud of its achievements in its five years of operations in Africa.

The company, which clocked five recently, stated that it had since amassed 1.3 million riders across sub-Saharan African, since it commenced business in Johannesburg, in September, 2003.

In a statement issued by the company, it noted that it was excited on how it had been able to transform lives and impact the economy through its driver-partner model.

“From driver earnings, to community spending, to increased mobility options, riders and drivers who use Uber are having a substantial impact on the economy Africa.

“Uber’s business partnership approach provides an accessible means for entrepreneurs to not only supplement their own income but also to become small business owners, thereby helping to improve the lives and future of individuals, families and communities. In the short time, we have been in Africa, we’ve enabled over 36 000 economic opportunities.

“The sub-Saharan Africa has certainly benefitted from Uber’s arrival. Citizens have a new, reliable way to get around; entrepreneurs have found a new way to earn an income and cities have also benefitted – with possibly fewer cars on the road and therefore fewer carbon emissions,” the statement added.