Aimart Realtors Woos Youths, As Tade Ogidan, Francis Onwochei Become Brand Ambassadors

Aimart RealtorsÆ brand ambassador, Tade Ogidan with the Chairman Aimart Realtors, Dr. Martins Iluyomade at the event

Aimart RealtorsÆ brand ambassador, Tade Ogidan with the Chairman Aimart Realtors, Dr. Martins Iluyomade at the event

Dr. Martins Iluyomade, Chairman of Aimart Realtors, a fast growing property company with headquarters in Lagos, has stressed the need for young people to invest in properties during their youthful days.

To this end, his company has come up with various products that will encourage young people invest in real estate.

Speaking during the unveiling of the company’s brand ambassadors in Lagos recently, Iluyomade said, “More than 70 per cent of the population in Nigeria are youths, so we are asking young Nigerians to invest in real estate by putting their energy into something.

“We don’t want to be called lazy because Nigeria youths are not lazy. They are hard-working and so we are saying let the hard work begin to speak through your investment in real estate as this will ensure your wealth is secured.

“Before now, the idea is that it is people that are about to retire that invest in real estate. As a young man you can imagine you growing with your land and enjoying the value while you are still alive than someone else enjoying the fruit of your labour when you are gone.”

Speaking on the strategies put in place to attract youths to invest in real estate, he said, “We break the payment down for them in the sense that you don’t have to pay the bulk of the money at once but gradually over a period of time. And if you are a youth, you are automatically qualified for discounts from us.”

Collaborating, Managing Director, Ms Bukola Iluyomade, said the event also featured unveiling of Aimart Realtors various products, noting, “we have the Legacy scheme, Not Too Young to Own a Property Scheme, Home Owners Scheme, Land Banking Scheme and the Kiddies Scheme.

“These are just different products that we have in order to encourage people to invest in property and put down something for themselves for the future.”

In addition to that, the MD said the company is trying to create awareness by using its brand ambassadors, who they also unveiled at the event.

The brand ambassadors among others include a Nigerian Film and Television Screenwriter, Producer and Director. Tade Ogidan as well as Nollywood actor and director, Francis Onwochei.

She revealed that Aimart Realtors which has only been around officially for a year, has existed for over a decade unofficially, adding, “We have 10 years of experience backing us up.

“We are not just a baby company but officially, we decided to go into large scale operations just a year ago. We have been building for people, buying land and doing documentation because we give an all-encompassing service to people and now we are rolling out on a large scale.

“We are based in Okota, Lagos but we have liaising offices at Lekki and Trade Fair Complex.”

On the choice of the brand ambassadors, she said, “These are men of credibility and integrity. And that is what we stand for. So we went out to look for people of like minds. You must work with the people you know you can get the best from, people that have the same ideology with you and believe in what you believe in.

“And we have seen that in them. They have paid their dues. They are not new people in the Nollywood space but old timers an if they can give credence to what we are saying, that this is important, you need to invest and put things on ground for the future, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Assuring potential investors, she added, “our slogan is “Worry Free Homes” and that is our watch word. From the very beginning, you are informed duly about all the processes that go on in the land acquisition and we do our due diligence to ensure that the land is free and does not have any issues.

“And then we have taken away the Omo-onile crisis by settling with them in our own way so that anyone coming is not disturbed by the Omo-onile. So we are credible and we give you worry-free homes.”

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