Global Military Strength: Nigeria Ranked 43rd

United States retained its prime position as the country with the greatest military  firepower beating Russia and China in the latest military firepower ranking for 2018.

Nigeria  is ahead of Portugal, Belgium and  Cuba.

Egypt leads African military power followed closely by Algeria, South Africa and Nigeria.

A global military ranking institution, Global Fire Power (GFP), citing United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Fact book, said the country retains the first spot in global military strength.

The ranking is based on population of the country, manpower/personnel strength, financial strength and military arsenal.

The United States has  a total military personnel strength of 2,830,100 with available manpower of 145 million from a total population of 326 million.

The country is also credited with 13, 362  total aircraft strength comprising attack, fighter, transport and trainer aircraft and 20 aircraft carriers in addition to 38, 888 armoured fighting vehicles in addition to 5,888 combat tanks, 1,197 rocket projectors among others.

Nigeria is credited with 181,000 total military  personnel , 172, 400,000 available manpower, those fit for service  stood at 40, 710,000, citizens reaching military age stands at 3, 456,000.

Out of the total military personnel, 124, 000 are active  while 57,000 are reserved.

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