Bauchi Gov Faults Lawmaker’s Alarm over Threat to Her Life


    Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar has reacted to the claim by the member representing Dass constituency in the State House of Assembly (BAHA), Hon. Maryam Garba Bagel that her life was under threat, describing the allegation as mere hallucination.

    In a statement signed yesterday and issued by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Strategy, Ali. M Ali, the governor stated that the claim was far from the truth and a mere allegation that cannot be proven.

    Bagel had raised the alarm over alleged threat to her life by yet to be identified persons who she claimed sent indecent pictures to her and also called her to caution her to desist from her hard political stance against the governor and his administration.

    According to the statement, “Our attention has been drawn to the fantastic claims made by Maryam Bagel, a member of the Bauchi State House of Assembly to the effect that the Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar is behind some faceless elements intent on ‘humiliating’ her by portraying her as “immoral” person via her pictures photo shopped into pornographic images”.

    The statement further added that, “according to her, these elements delivered an envelop filled with copies of these pictures, called and warned her to ‘desist’ from being “antagonistic” to the government of Governor Abubakar or else they will make public these photo shopped images”.

    The statement further stated that, “We found this amusing. At no point did Bagel constituted a “threat” or even a “nuisance” to the government of Abubakar to the extent that it will resort to this reprehensible measure. The Governor has a cast iron reputation of moral uprightness. His moral credentials are beyond reproach”.

    The statement further said, “It is therefore, inconceivable that he will encourage let alone sponsor such desperate measure. He has repeatedly and publicly stated that he bears no ill will or malice against anyone especially antagonistic elements. The upliftment and progress of Bauchi state is his main focus”.

    According to the statement, “the frolics of a desperate attention seeker will not distract him from his grim determination to change the depressing narrative of our state. The governor is currently on hajj and is praying for the development of the state and nation in general”.

    “Maryam Garba Bagel’s hallucination’ further contains that, “We strongly suspect that Bagel is resorting to this hallucinatory measure to deal with her electoral humiliation in the recent Senatorial by-election in Bauchi south district. She is looking for a fall guy. The media should be weary of sensational claims of desperate politicians as we approach elections,” the statement added.