Hajia Fatima Tukur’s Headache


If a soothsayer had told Hajia Fatima Tukur that she would someday be abandoned by those she had helped, she would have dismissed the prediction with a wave of the hand.

But today, beautiful Hajia Tukur, who wielded a lot of power and influence when her husband, Bamanga Tukur, was the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, knows better.

Until recently, the youngest wife of the former old Gongola State governor was a cynosure of eyes at social gatherings.

However, as soon power changed hands and her husband’s relevance in the political scene waned, most of her friends and beneficiaries who once turned her home into a Mecca of sorts have reportedly abandoned her, leaving her to her own fate.

Apart from the fact that she rarely attends public functions nowadays, she is also said to have abandoned her The Crying Child, a non-governmental organization, which was launched with pomp and circumstance in 2013.

But this may not be her only headache, as she is said to be nursing some other pains in her heart.