Radio Station Sanctioned by NBC for Playing Falz’s song, ‘This is Nigeria’


Sunday Ehigiator

A radio station in Jos has been fined N100,000 for playing Falz’ song “This is Nigeria” .
The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), wrote a letter to the radio station informing them that Falz’ song titled This is Nigeria is “laced with vulgar lyrics”.

In the sanction letter, the NBC pointed out that the lyrics “This is Nigeria, look how we living now, everybody be criminal” contravenes the broadcasting code.

Also, the commission fined the station for playing Olamide’s song titled “See Mary, See Jesus.”

The letter says Mary and Jesus are regarded as sacred personalities by the Christian faith and as such contravenes section 4.3.1e.
NBC asked the station to pay the fine of 100,000 Naira within two weeks, else they would be made to face stiffer sanctions.

In his reaction, the multiple award-winning music artiste, threatened to sue the NBC, over the ban of his hit song: ‘This is Nigeria’.

Falz, who had earlier shared a copy of the letter from the NBC, said it was ridiculous for the commission to ban the song, arguing that it was not a vulgar song but a socially-conscious piece of art which addresses the current issues in the country.

He also stated that he does not know if there was any conspiracy to ensure that the song never enjoyed airwaves, but he was aware that the song could have hit the nerves of certain people.

Falz added that his lawyers will be investigating why his song was banned with a view to seeking redress in court, if need be.