Africa’s Talking Joins Open Banking Nigeria


    A mobile technology company, Africa’s Talking, has joined the league of technology companies partnering with Open Banking Nigeria in the development of Open APIs for the Nigerian financial industry.

    Africa’s Talking provides payments and communications APIs (SMS, USSD, Airtime and Voice) to help both startups and large companies communicate with their customers across Africa.

    It teamed up with Open Banking Nigeria to help extend this innovation to strengthen the objective of unlocking the potential of mobile communication networks across Africa by simplifying the process and technologies required to exploit them.

    Speaking on the partnership, the company’s Country Director, Simon Aderinlola, said “Open Banking Nigeria has a huge potential to drive financial inclusion and boost innovation in Nigeria which is why Africa’s Talking is partnering with the organisation.

    “Open Banking Nigeria will create security and safety for customers to share their financial data with banks or third parties. This will open the doors to millions of Nigerians currently out of the financial market. We appreciate and believe in the future this work portends.”

    Africa’s Talking provides communications and payments APIs across Africa. Headquartered in Kenya with an office in Nigeria, the mobile technology company offers APIs to companies to build solutions and services on USSD, Voice, SMS, Airtime, and Payments.

    Open Banking Nigeria, a not-for-profit, non-partisan industry group, is committed to developing and advocating Open Banking API standards for the Nigerian financial industry. Visit to know more about Open Banking Nigeria, objectives, partners, and progress made.