Klippers Movie Hit the Cinemas in August


By Yinka Olatunbosun

Klippers, an action-comedy movie written and directed by Ofu Obekpa is set to hit the cinemas on August 10. The movie plot centres on Steven, an assassin on a mission orchestrated by his psychotic employer to kill his ex-wife, a beautiful ex-marine. While on the dangerous assignment, the assassin became familiar with his target, thus making the task rather difficult for him. His employer smelled a rat. A new hit man was sought and found in a marksman with an intimidating profile. The race for survival and against time begins.

The movie is an interwoven visual narrative of collateral victims and a happy ending. Of course, the storyline may sound familiar to many die-hard action movie fans. Still, its multi-racial cast strength adds to the cultural impact of this new generation movie. Klippers is starring Kevin Nash, Conphidance, Libby Blanton and Robert Pralgo. Also, to give the familiar storyline a different twist, the scripting has some theatrical elements with Shakespeare-inspired lines.

The killer’s conviction of a supernatural backing for his deeds makes the movie a thought-provoking piece while the cinematic details and stunts look believable, judging by the trending trailer on the social media.